Track Record Of Lower Taxes

The costs for our services continue to climb – this year the town budget was over $6 million for the first time in Haddon Heights history. Outrageous spending has required repeated tax hikes. In the last three years under Democrat control, your taxes have gone up 9%. These high taxes make the town less attractive to potential new residents and make it hard for many of our residents to justify staying in town. We can’t let tax increases go unchecked and we won’t. Consider voting for these Republican Candidates independent of outside influences with a history of lower municipal taxes and a track record of balanced budgets and eliminating wasteful spending.

Municipal Taxes Year-Over-Year

Democrat Irresponsibility

Under Democrat control, Borough municipal taxes have increased as high as 13.3%, while under Republican control, taxes were cut as low as 6%.

Republicans implemented Zero-Based Budgeting in 2009 after years of irresponsible Democrat oversight. Every expense of the budget is now reviewed and analyzed regularly for its purpose and costs to optimize spending and identify savings.

Town Spending And Public Works A Missed Opportunity

We were told that sharing public works would save us money, and it made sense: we’re splitting costs, so expenses should go down. But that’s not what happened. The shared services program has increased the cost of our public works by 41%. And why? A line in the budget: “Public Works Interlocal: $844,000.” That’s right, we paid almost $850,000 to shut down our own facilities and eliminate jobs. There’s no excuse for that. Take this into consideration when you vote this year for council candidates.

2020 Haddon Heights Candidates

We are proud to introduce to you our Haddon Heights 2020 Election Candidates that have the expertise and commitment to look after our town’s best interest for the benefit, improvement, and quality of life for its businesses and constituents. Our experienced team of leaders will continue to deliver, improve upon and build onto the many previous accomplishments for our beloved town of Haddon Heights.

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I am running for council because I love Haddon Heights and I want to help it be as great a place to live and raise a family as possible. I work at an international law firm in Philadelphia, where I deal regularly with complex commercial litigation issues, and routinely analyze state and federal regulations. Before law school, I worked for about six years in international logistics, where I helped businesses of all sizes improve their global supply chains to maximize efficiency. And my work in politics stretches back to college, where I was an intern in the International Relations Department of Conservative Party of England, and later a White House Intern in the Office of Management and Business. I am confident I can use my professional background to help ensure that our town operates efficiently and effectively for all of our citizens. My chief concern is the empty storefronts I see on our main roads: Station Avenue and White Horse Pike. Some stores have been closed for months, but others have been closed for years. When I walk with my family through our town, I always marvel at what a wonderful, nearly perfect place it is. But when I walk down our main streets I can’t help but think it could get just a little bit better. I want to work with you, my neighbors, to find solutions to this problem, to make sure Haddon Heights is as vibrant a community as possible. Together, we can #HelpHeightsThrive!
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As a 6th generation resident of South Jersey, I am the 3rd generation to serve in public office. I served four terms as a county committeeman in the town where I previously resided, worked as a fireman for many years, and ran for the NJ State Legislature. I’ve worked in a wide variety of industries but my true passion is serving the public and my community in the most meaningful ways possible. After working in the building trades and manufacturing sector I returned to school to earn a degree in business to further enhance my business and managerial acumen. I’ve worked in the Mortgage Banking and Healthcare fields, and I’ve been in the automotive business for the past 18 years. In my spare time, I like to give back to the community to help wherever I can make a difference or brighten someone’s day. I work with an organization where I coordinate and deliver meals to seniors and disabled individuals, I’ve also volunteered with a military support group that sends care packages to our brave men and women serving overseas and welcoming home service personnel as well as working with Toys for Tots. I’m also the president of a local historical society where I’ve worked on a number of restoration projects. I take great pride in serving our community and would be honored to serve you as a Haddon Heights council member. With your support, together we can #HelpHeightsThrive!
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Elect Republicans November

We believe that our combined experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills will provide the leadership to improve services, enhance safety, respond better to resident concerns, communicate more efficiently, build consensus and prompt government officials to streamline how they do their jobs and the way that our Borough is managed and functions.

Responsible Leadership

The Republican focus will be to reinstate quality Public Works like brush pickup, tree and street maintenance, pothole repair, improve resident communications, maintain our Borough Police and Fire Departments, and prioritize real economic opportunities that generate revenue and development that benefits Haddon Heights residents and businesses.